Resolutions; 13 days of failure

As always, this year I made some New Year Resolutions. Most of the time I fail, so this year I dropped the standard lose weight (no point, I’m pregnant), eat healthy (I’ll eat what I like, I’m pregnant) and cut down on wine (already cut, I’m pregnant). Ok, so it was less of a choice and more recognition of reality, but, being forced to consider other options, these are what I came up with.

1. Put some effort into this blog malarkey. Mainly because it’ll help me stick to my maternity leave goals, but also, I recently took an assessment at work that told me I had below average emotional intelligence. The lowest scoring area was emotional reflection; I didn’t take time to consider how I felt at various moments in my day. Massively true, and in the follow up tutorial I came to the conclusion I don’t reflect on much in my life at all- least of all emotions. So, a blog is the perfect way to look back at some of the best/worst/emotionally indifferent moments that I have, to just reflect. So far, this is my fourth post since Christmas, so technically the best performing resolution 👍

2. Cut down on screen time. There is no need to watch TV and play on my phone. A big fat problem with this one is that here I am typing away on my ipad in full realisation this is in massive conflict with the first resolution. So maybe I’ll say cut down on playing Family Zoo/ Solitaire/ Bejewelled and make screen time productive. Stalking people I’ve met once 10 years ago on social media may class as productive if I am able to use it in conversation with my bestie ☺️

3. Walk more. Get into the habit before my maternity leave big walking push. I mean so far I’ve been pretty crap, other than a few small jaunts out I think I’ve got less miles in than before I made my resolutions. Tomorrow I’m committing to a buggy walk. If it’s not raining. And we are in January….

4. Well actually I only had three. But lying here in bed and chatting to hubby about what I’m writing makes me realise that he needs to be a focus too. With another child coming into our lives in a few months I want to make the most of evenings. Have at-home date nights once Jess is in bed. TV will be banned. Even as I’m writing I think this may be a non-starter. We’ll see.

So not a great start but I’ve considered (reflected!) how I’m doing and written down my thoughts. So maybe that’s a sign that there is better to come! Finger crossed!

Rachel xx

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