Rothwell Country Park

I’ve driven passed signs for this place LOADS of times but have never tried to explore! It backs onto the canal where we do our beloved Woodlesford walk so if you wanted you could join the two of them up!


Parking: Free roadside parking on Bullough Lane

Pushchairs: There are some accessible paths, we took our pushchair on the pond trail with no difficulty, although it was pretty muddy in places!

Route: We followed the signed pond trail, but the park isn’t huge so I think you could just explore the paths as you want!

Facilities: None…other than a few benches dotted around the park.

This lovely park has some great views over the canal and across to Leeds City Centre.

The paths are easy to follow and it was incredibly peaceful… I think we only passed one person the whole way round!

If you’re looking for a new place to explore you could certainly spend a few hours here, particularly if you mooched down to the canal to look at Fishpond Lock. To keep Jess entertained we did some leaf art… for more ideas on things to keep little ones engaged have a look at this blog post.

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