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Hi! I’m Rachel, a mum of two living in Leeds. During my maternity leave with my second child, I was determined to get outdoors and make the most of my time away from work. I started this blog as a way to keep me motivated to get out! It has been a fantastic way to keep me sane during those early difficult months, and resulted in the creation of the Muddy Boots Baby Walking Group, a group of new parents who get out for a walk in the great outdoors most weeks. Feel free to join us!


I’m delighted to say that the blog has turned into much more than a piece of motivation for me. It is now a go to site for many Yorkshire parents, looking for ideas to get their children outdoors. As a family who enjoy exploring new places, a travel page has been added to the site. Whilst the focus is primarily identifying places to enjoy family walks, there are numerous posts on other outdoor days out in Yorkshire and the North. Since it’s launch in March 2019, it has seen good growth, particularly in recent months. This has coincided with increasing numbers of followers on social media. Followers are predominantly Females aged 25-45 with children, living in Yorkshire.

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I blog outside of my career in marketing strategy, and whilst I normally write about walks, holidays and venues that we have found as a family, I am also happy to review and blog about experiences that I am asked to promote. These will be clearly disclosed with (ad) and will only include places and brands that I think will be of interest to my engaged readers. I can offer a range of packages including using social media channels as well as the blog itself.