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The Problem

Im now a mum of two! With my first daughter I started going back to the office after just 6 months- I was desperate to just engage my brain. A year later I was two clothes sizes bigger than I was before I fell pregnant. I spent too much time indoors eating chocolate and watching Grey’s Anatomy (great show though).

The solution

I’m going to keep active. I love walking and so am going to do lots of it. I’m going to make the most of having a newborn again- who I can carry easy and not use that as an excuse.

Help me!!!

1. I’ve got a good list of walks I want to do, but they still won’t last long. So any suggestions?!
2. Let me know if you want to join me? We could even set up a regular walking group if there’s enough interest!
3. I’m a bit crap with technology, but for the last couple of months have started writing walks down in this blog. I’ve linked my Instagram account (@muddybootsmummy) with a Facebook page (Muddy Boots Mummy) and plan on sharing my walks in these. Please show that you’ve read them with likes/ dislikes/ comments (you might even find it useful!). If I know people are reading I’ll do better than my serial gym membership fails and I’ll hopefully continue!! Also let me know if there’s any information that you would find useful in the blogs that I’m not providing 👍

It’s all a bit sparse at the moment, so bear with me as I start to fill pages with all these walks I’m going to do. And if I don’t stick to it please berate me at every opportunity.

Wooohooooo I’m happy to say that I’m a favourite blogger on the My Bump 2 Baby site/App! It’s the UK’s number one baby and toddler directory, so go have a look if you haven’t seen it!